20 Year Celebration Gift Box

Country of Origin: India

Celebrate 20 Years Of Kama with this limited edition gift box. Full to the brim with our bestsellers for skin & hair, this box offers the best of authentic, Ayurvedic beauty. Includes our bestsellers Kumkumadi Thailam & Bringadi Thailam.

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    • Kumkumadi Miraculous Beauty Fluid :
      Kumkumadi Thailam is prescribed in the ancient Ayurvedic text of Ashtanga Hrudaya, as an essential beauty treatment for the face. It is now clinically proven* to brighten & illuminate skin and delay signs of ageing. A must-have essential for bright, radiant and rejuvenated skin.
    • Pure Rosewater:
      Made from the fabled Kannauj Rose, this 100% steam-distilled rosewater is also preservative-free. An incredible facial toner and natural astringent, balances, and restores skin’s pH level and helps tighten pores. Its light cleansing and clarifying action help remove impurities and hydrates skin too. Use this daily to hydrate & tone your skin.
    • Kumkumadi Rejuvenating & Brightening Night Cream:
      An incredible Ayurvedic Night treatment that brightens complexion, relieves signs of ageing and promotes cell growth.
    • Bringadi Hair Cleanser:
      This natural Ayurveda-based formulation is enriched with precious Ayurvedic herbs and is sulphate & paraben free. It enhances the natural volume of your hair and is clinically proven* to reduce hairfall, dandruff flakes & oiliness. Formulated with the wonder herb, Bhringraj, know to correct imbalances that cause hair loss and hair thinning. This cleanser revitalises from root to tip, repairing brittle & damaged hair.
    • Bringadi Intensive Hair Treatment Oil:
      Clinically proven to reduce hairfall, this authentic formulation is an essential for your hair. With ingredients like Bhringraj and Amla that aid hair growth, Liquorice that reduces scalp infections and Indigo that reduces premature greying, this is 100% natural Ayurvedic oil that will repair & condition your hair.

    Regime Contains

    • Kumkumadi Miraculous Beauty Fluid - 3ml
    • Pure Rose Water - 50ml
    • Bringadi Hair Cleanser - 50ml
    • Bringadi Intensice Hair Treatment - 50ml
    • Kumkumadi Rejuvenating & Brightening Nightcream - 8g

    How To Use:

    • Kumkumadi Miraculous Beauty Fluid:
      Apply this serum as a night-time ritual after cleansing and toning your face. Moisten skin with Pure Rosewater or a natural water-based toner and then, massage the Kumkumadi gently in upward strokes until fully absorbed. Allow it to work overnight for best results. We recommend 2-3 drops for Normal to Oily Skin, and 4 drops for Dry Skin.
    • Pure Rosewater:
      Spray onto face and body for a refreshing effect. Reapply as desired.
    • Kumkumadi Rejuvenating & Brightening Nightcream :
      Apply appropriate amount on face and neck and massage with upward strokes (avoiding the eye area), until absorbed.
    • Bringadi Hair Cleanser:
      Apply a small quantity on wet hair and scalp. Massage for a couple of minutes and rinse thoroughly with water.
    • Bringadi Intensive Hair Treatment Oil:
      Gently massage into hair ensuring that entire scalp is covered. Leave it on for least 30 minutes. Cleanse post-treatment with a mild shampoo and warm water.


      100% Natural, Ayurvedic Treatment:

      The miraculous Ayurvedic night serum is 100% natural, authentic Ayurvedic treatment. Clinically Proven to brighten skin & reduce signs of ageing: This product has been clinically tested and proven to show 20% Reduction in Pigmentation in 28 days, 15% reduction in Wrinkles in 28 days, and 100% signs of improved skin brightening & hydration.

      Balances Skin pH Levels:

      This pure rose water is acts as a natural astringent and balances the skin pH levels as well as moisture level.

      Tightens Pores, Alcohol-Free:

      This product effectively tightens pores and is the perfect alcohol-free toner for oily or acne-prone skin.

      Ayurvedic Cleanser for All Hair Types:

      This pure rose water is acts as a natural astringent and balances the skin pH levels as well as moisture level.

      Clinically proven to reduce hairfall*:

      In 94% of the test panel, by 61%. Based on 4 weeks of clinical study with men & women who had moderate to severe hairfall.

      Encourages hair growth & reduces premature greying:

      Wonder herb, Bhringraj, along with Amla, a powerhouse of Vitamin C aid hair growth naturally. Organic Indigo extracts help reduce premature greying.

      97.5% Natural & Skin Brightening:

      This rejuvenating Ayurvedic night cream is 97.5% natural, and proven to brighten skin by 2.5 times in 4 weeks.