Kind to People

Kind to people

We contribute to helping the underprivileged, and collaborate with Indian artisans and craftspeople to support traditional forms of expression and work across the country. We regularly feature accessories made by artisans in our festive promotional offers and exclusive gift boxes.

Other ancillary products are sourced directly from artisans, helping these local craftspeople sustain higher profits. For example, in 2015 we featured unique leaf-shaped brass diyas that were specifically designed for Kama Ayurveda by a fourth generation artisan from Odisha. He produced these with his family at home, without access to a phone or the internet. It is a testament to the skill and excellence prevalent in all parts of India – excellence that Kama Ayurveda is keen to showcase and support.

Key merchandising elements of our stores are sourced from NGOs working towards causes in line with our beliefs. Dhanwantari, the God representing the wisdom of Ayurveda, is honoured in our stores with statues that are handcrafted and sourced from Kumbakonam in Kerala. We work with 10 families practising the classical Indian tradition of sculpture to create our authentic, beautiful statues. Our stores also have cane shopping baskets and planters. These are handcrafted by an NGO that supports women from Manipur, with the aim of making them financially independent.

Many of our ingredients are sourced from specialised local communities that apply techniques passed down through multiple generations. The sweet almonds we use are cultivated by tribespeople in Kashmir, grown this way for centuries. Even as stocks have been depleted and prices pushed up by drought, we have continued to support this community and their precious crop. Roses are delicately handpicked in Kannauj for their potency, before being distilled and used for our Pure Rosewater.