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Our natural hand care products use the ancient prescriptions and ingredients of Ayurveda such as natural butters, plant oils and essential oils leaving the skin soft, nourished and healthy.

    Hand Cream
    Hand Cream
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    hand cream

    Leaves hands feeling soft, supple, and moisturized all day long.


    Rose Jasmine Hand Cleanser
    Hand Wash

    rose jasmine hand cleanser

    Hand cleanser containing natural oils for gentle cleansing of hands.


    Rose Jasmine Hand Lotion
    Hand Lotion

    rose jasmine hand lotion

    Hand moisturizer scented with the fresh fragrance of pure Rose and Jasmine.


    Natural Hand Care - Hand Creams, Hand Cleansers & Hand Lotions

    Hand Care is now more important than ever, given the fast-paced, hardworking lifestyles in the modern age. Whether typing away on our phone or laptop, doing our housework, or working out at the gym, our hands go through tremendous stress and are also exposed to environmental impurities, germs, and toxins. Harsh, chemical-based hand care products strip the natural moisture and oils from your hands, leaving them rough, stretched, and uncomfortable.

    Kama Ayurveda’s natural hand care products have been created to answer this problem by using the ancient Ayurvedic prescriptions and ingredients such as natural butters, plant oils, and essential oils to make hands soft, nourished, and healthy.

    Our Best Hand Care Products

    Excessive exposure to the sun and pollution is a major reason for skin ageing and damage. Due to harmful ultraviolet radiation and toxins, one may suffer from pigmentation, sallowness, and breakdown of skin elasticity resulting in wrinkles, lines, and sagging skin. Follow a hand care routine with our hand cleanser, hand lotion, and hand creams to reverse this daily skin damage.

    The Rose Jasmine Hand Cleanser by Kama Ayurveda is an alcohol-free hand cleanser with an aloe vera base that foams gently yet effectively and helps eliminate dirt and impurities while soothing and hydrating skin. This hand cleanser is suited to all skin types and especially well suited to hands prone to roughness and excessive dryness due to repeated hand washing and exposure to harsh chemicals common to hand washes in office restrooms, laundry, and dishwashing detergents. In addition, it is 99% natural and leaves your hands scented with the delicate floral scent of Rose & Jasmine.

    The Rose Jasmine Hand Lotion by Kama Ayurveda is the perfect essential for your desk or bedside table – a few pumps of this softening, deeply nourishing formulation pamper and soothe your hands perfectly. Extremely hydrating, this natural hand lotion includes nourishing botanicals like Olive Oil and Aloe Vera Juice that sink into the skin quickly and replenish the moisture. Anti-bacterial Tea Tree Oil, Rosemary Oil, and Basil Oil cleanse and protect against germs without stripping the skin or over-drying. While it is a deep conditioning formula, it is also very light on your skin and absorbs very quickly, leaving skin smooth and supple. Essential oils of Rose and Jasmine have soothing qualities apart from imparting a wonderful fragrance that lingers on. There is no excessive oiliness or residue, making this easy to use at any time of the day without worrying about greasy fingerprints.

    Our Best Hand Cream For Hand Care

    Many of us complain of dry, itchy, sensitive hands, and despite trying a lot of creams and remedies, we tend to be dissatisfied with the results. There are plenty of organic hand creams available in the market, but almost all of them leave a highly greasy effect, making you look darker and your skin unbearably oily. On the other hand, homemade natural hand creams last for a very short time. Therefore, we recommend our Ayurvedic natural hand cream for daily nourishment.

    Kama Ayurveda’s Hand Cream has the goodness of cold-pressed Sweet Almond, Coconut Oil, Shea, Cocoa, Kokum Butters, Aloe Vera juice, and essential oils of Tuberose, Vetiver, and Cardamom. It relieves dryness, rejuvenates hands and cuticles, regenerates skin cells, and protects the skin.

    Why Follow A Hand Care Routine?

    Since ancient times, women have indulgently applied luxurious plant oils infused with scented flowers like Roses on their hands to keep their hands soft, smooth, and beautiful. This traditional method helped them cure tired and dull skin through proper hydration and intensive healing.

    The ancient wisdom of Ayurvedic science can help you pick what is suitable for your skin. Kama Ayurveda takes from this healing science and formulates the natural ingredients into products that you can rely on for years. Kama Ayurveda has the most exquisite range of natural hand care products that can help your skin regain its natural balance every day and treat your hands with the love and care they deserve after constant damage due to harsh soap, seen and unseen chemicals, tanning due to sun and other pollutants, leaving your hands soft and beautiful.