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Stress Relief & Rejuvenation

The herbal oils have blends that have been created from powerful herbs, flowers and plants that nourish and protect the body in stressful situations.

    Sugandhadi Rejuvenating Body Treatment oil
    Body Oil
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    sugandhadi rejuvenating body treatment oil

    Alleviates stress, exhaustion, tension and body ache.


    Rose Jasmine Bath and Body Oil
    Body Oil
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    rose jasmine bath and body oil

    Indulgent body oil that leaves skin feeling softer, smoother and nourished.


    Ayurvedic Stress Relief Oils For Calming

    Ayurveda aims to restore one’s body and mind to health by correcting imbalance, stress, and anxiety. The simple ritual of a rejuvenating oil massage is a classical Ayurvedic treatment for calming the mind and refreshing the body. Kama Ayurveda’s stress relief products have been created with rejuvenating ingredients that will help you regain your calm in your busy, daily life.

    Reducing the effects of stress is a part of the daily ritual of a holistic healing technique. Kama Ayurveda has an all-natural range of stress relief oils that do wonders for your overall well-being. The herbal oils have blends that have been created from powerful herbs, flowers, and plants that nourish and protect the body in stressful situations. Take a glimpse of the natural body oils below.

    Our Best Stress Relief Oils

    Through its stress-relief oils, Kama Ayurveda has come up with a blend of botanicals that were used centuries back to heal and protect one’s body daily. Massage your body with these stress-relieving natural oils by Kama Ayurveda to enhance the cleansing and nurturing of your body.

    The Sugandhadi Rejuvenating Body Oil Treatment by Kama Ayurveda has its ancient roots in Vedic beauty. Recommended in Ayurvedic texts, this treatment oil contains Jelly Leaves, Lavender Oil, Sesame Oil, Ashwagandha, Mulaithi, Manjishtha, Vetiver, Nutgrass, and Turmeric. It is the best stress relief oil and is a widely acclaimed tool for achieving well-being and relaxation.

    The Rose and Jasmine Bath and Body Oil by Kama Ayurveda can be used for pre-bath and post-bath deep hydration. It has a blend of Rose and Jasmine Oil, both of which are proven naturally calming remedies. In addition, it is rich in minerals and vitamins and helps restore the natural glow of the skin with everyday use.

    In Ayurveda, oil massage is a vital body care routine that can help remove the toxins present on the surface of your skin and smoothen out the skin texture.

    Ayurveda, or the ancient Indian system of medicine, is a very powerful way to treat and prevent illness. Many symptoms of illness can be treated with the use of herbal remedies. Stress, for example, can affect every part of your body and even your mind. Stress can also bring about unwanted changes in your body that lead to sickness. Unfortunately, the root cause of stress is often not understood or appropriately addressed. As a result, our body begins to react in unhealthy ways to stress.

    Kama Ayurveda brings to you some of the best Ayurvedic stress relief medicine in the form of these stress relief oils. The goal of ayurvedic oil is to restore balance to the body by addressing the body's own natural healing mechanisms.

    By providing a natural way for you to reduce stress, ease anxiety and lower your blood pressure, these stress relief oils promote good health and help you get better sleep.