4 Travel Must Haves For Your Next Holiday

4 Travel Must Haves For Your Next Holiday

Authored by : Vipin Yadav
  • 8 September 2017
  • 4 mins read

Food, people, language, fragrance and the sheer beauty of the new destination is all that should accompany us back from any travel escapade. Beauty woes if any, should never make it to the stories of a globetrotter. But when you fly half way around the world or tick that road trip off your bucket list, the sun, the heat and humidity tag along too. With our effective and travel friendly products, protecting and caring for your skin is just a matter of packing your travel bag well. So here are our top four recommendations for beauty rituals on-the-go.


Everything about a new place can feel alien to your skin, including water and air. This could show up as dry and irritated skin or even sunburns. Jwalini is a herbaceous Ayurvedic oil treatment that soothes any itching and deeply moisturises the skin. Hand-picked herbs, processed in pure Coconut and Sesame oil make for an excellent after-sun remedy to soothe sunburnt skin. Revered in Ayurveda, for their ‘Varneekarana’ properties the Costus and Cardamom in this plush skin treatment enhance skin texture and effectively treat any irritation. The small travel size makes it easy to take it places with you so you can have soft, replenished skin on all your travels.


Travel schedules can be taxing, on the toughest of the skin-types. While air-travel could dry your skin out, road travel can pile up the grime. Sun could make you sweat and air conditioner could blow off the moisture. Our Pure Lavender Water, handpicked from the wilderness of the Himalayas is a light skin booster that can de-stress and refresh with every spray. Lavender is known to captivate the senses, relax the nerves and induce sleep. Its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial properties also help it double up as a wonderful coolant and cleanser on a hot and a humid journey. Make sure you keep it within reach for a refreshing spritz whenever your skin desires a burst of freshness.


A good handshake is a great way to make friends when out exploring new places and terrains. But dry skin could take the softness out of it. Constantly washing your hands is unavoidable and that could lead to the loss of natural emollients from your skin. Our ultra-rich Hand Cream nourishes and rejuvenates hands and cuticles effectively. Cold pressed Sweet Almond and Coconut Oils, together with Shea, Cocoa and Kokum butters moisturise and deeply nourish the skin. And the pure essential oils of Tuberose, Vetiver and Cardamom leave a lingering, sophisticated fragrance that lasts all day. The non-greasy texture helps it keep your hands soft without discomfort and help you enjoy your travels to the fullest.


A good trip always reflects in the curves of your lips. Dry and chapped lips can be the most common grouse on a vacation as our lips tend to react first to any change in climate and altitude. Our natural Lip Balms replenish lips and lock the moisture inside, gently. These are a rich blend of essential oils and butters from natural ingredients that keep your lips soft and nourished naturally. Choose from the hydrating Almond and Coconut Lip Balm, the ultra moisturising Vanilla Lip Balm, the brightening Mint Lip Balm or the indulgent Rose Lip Balm and forget your lip care woes on your next trip.

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” said Ibn Battuta. With our knowledge of the natural sciences and ever evolving beauty needs, we ensure that you are the most beautiful storyteller ever. So let your wanderlust carry you off to newer places and let us take care of your travel beauty needs.

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