5 Essential Oils to Rekindle your Love for Happiness

5 Essential Oils to Rekindle your Love for Happiness

Authored by : Vipin Yadav
  • 30 March 2017
  • 3 mins read

Petrichor is the fragrance that arises when the grains of dry soil embrace fresh rain drops. Few can resist the happy feeling that this earthy scent is known to arouse. It inspired the great Gene Kelly to immortalise this by singing “No matter what life wants to throw my way, I’ll be singing, I’ll be singing in the rain”.

March is the month of the International Day Of Happiness and this month, we bring you 5 fragrances, bottled in essential oils that are sure to elicit the same feeling of complete bliss. The making of pure Essential Oils, is all about capturing the delicate, soothing, sweet, teasing or wistful essence from plants, flowers and even barks. (When it comes to inducing happiness, these oils can give any chocolate a run for its sweetness.)

For happiness in the air, here are our top 5 Essential Oils:

Lavender Essential Oil: Imagine walking through a sea of purple, bewitched by a flowery fragrance that is brushing away your stress. That is the effect, curated by every drop of pure Lavender oil. Its floral, sweet yet mild aroma has enviable wellness and beauty benefits. As a diffuser oil, Lavender is said to take the burden off your soul. Add this oil to your bath for an exotic Roman experience that will soak away any tension. A princely sleep is a side-effect that you will come to love.

Orange Essential Oil: The fragrance that lingers between your fingers when you peel a beautifully fresh orange, is just so refreshing. It is like the kiss of the sunshine, instantly uplifting your spirits. But do yo know, that the fragrance that is rife between the rinds of this citrus fruit, fights signs of ageing like wrinkles and dark spots. Orange Essential Oil is an age-old beauty secret that boosts you immunity, enhances focus and fights depression.

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil: The tree of Ylang Yang is sure to lure you with its creamy and flowery fragrance if not its beauty. This yellow coloured flower has a calming effect on the nerves and de-stresses effortlessly. As a diffuser oil, its fragrance evokes self-love, confidence and happiness. And this flower of all flowers adds a bounce to your hair and detangles it like silk. When it caresses your skin it leaves it looking younger and happier.

Bergamot Essential Oil: This fragrance has a citrus note that does wonders to emotional healing. It reminds you of free-spirited waves lashing against your body on a hot sultry day.. Add some drops to your bath water to diffuse the most annoying smells from your life. It even camouflages body-odour, tones skin and lightens the mark of scars. This juicy fragrance is sure to keep you smiling all day.

Cinnamon Essential Oil: Indulge your senses with this woody and sweet smelling oil. It is a trove of beauty secrets that reverse ageing of the skin. Its therapeutic properties add lustre to the mane and even boost hair growth. And its warm fragrance is a mood changer that can make anyone comfortable in their skin.

Mirroring musical scales, all fragrances are a careful blend of notes. A top note, middle note and base note is what makes a fragrance long lasting, sweet or forgetful. And finding this balance, is the key to our happiness in life. Happy Happiness Day to all!

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