Authored by : Vipin Yadav
  • 11 July 2017
  • 3 mins read

To be or not to be in the sun, is a question that is literally making the earth go around. There are enough and more studies on how exposure to Sun is good for the bones and great for the hair and skin. And then there are studies that hint at irreversible damage caused by overexposure to the Sun. At Kama Ayurveda, we believe a bit of both hold true and a good Sunscreen is a perfect solution for all. Like our chemical-free, mineral based Sunscreen with Natural Sun Protection of SPF 21, a safe and effective formulation that blocks and prevents Sun damage.


Truth is we need a Sunscreen in every season and both indoors and outdoors. Remember clouds or no clouds, the Ultraviolet rays are all around us. And yes, they even penetrate through the windows. Which means that if we are travelling for long stretches or the workplace is next to the window, we need Sun protection. An effective Sunscreen that reflects Ultraviolet rays back, is our only knight in shining armour here.


Sadly this myth can cause permanent damage on our skin, including patches and quick ageing. The truth is that for Indian urban lifestyles SPF 15-20 is all we need, but it requires reapplication every 2 hours in the sun. And its vital to know that even an SPF 50 requires to be reapplied, generously. Yes, higher the SPF, higher the protection is nothing more than a myth.


The term ‘waterproof’ can mislead one to spend an entire day sunbathing or in the pool. The fact remains that any Sunscreen product needs to be reapplied if one swims for a long stretch or sweats profusely. At best, a Sunscreen can be water-resistant which means it won’t get washed off immediately. But once we towel-dry the body, fresh protection from the Ultraviolet rays is needed. So choosing a safe yet efficient Sunscreen, and reapplying at regular intervals is a must for good sun protection.


The fact is that 15 minutes in the sunshine is all a body needs for making ample Vitamin D. For the rest of the time one needs a good and effective sun block to protect the skin from dehydration and sunburns. Choosing a light and non greasy one that does not attract any dirt or impurities, is equally important.


Well if a sunscreen leaves a white cast on the skin when applied, one should hold on to it forever. Usually this means that it is a natural, mineral enriched Sunscreen that is totally effective. Don’t let the white cast stop you from reaching out for the best protection from damaging rays, and it usually dissipates very quickly too. Remember to check for a natural, mineral formulation and keep in mind that the white cast indicates a protective layer on the skin that is hard to penetrate. However a generous amount of Sunscreen should be applied on the face, hands and other body parts exposed to the sun. Even under a sun-umbrella.

A healthy skin and care regime starts with the basics. A natural cleanser, a moisturiser, a tonerlip balm and a good Sunscreen. But there are a thousand Sunscreens on the shelves today and a million of myths around their use. It is pertinent to know which Sunscreen to use. Even more important is to be informed and aware of how to make Sunscreens work for the skin. Choosing a natural Sunscreen that is gentle on the skin but effective against Ultraviolet rays is most important. So pick the right Sunscreen, use it right and your skin will say a sunny thank you for it.

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