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  • 27 November 2016
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At-home-solutions: the magic of turmeric

Arguably the most powerful natural ingredient ever, turmeric is a natural skin brightener. It reduces dark circles and puffiness, soothes cracked skin, and takes care of hard-to-get-rid-of pigmentation.

​The main factor that makes turmeric such a potent healer is its main bioactive compound, Curcumin. This is what gives turmeric its powerful, anti-inflammatory effects.

Here are some was to consume this brilliant, natural herb.

We begin with ways to incorporate turmeric in to your diet.


Haldi Doodh:

Blendning haldi and doodh (milk) together, and incorporating this mixture in to your everyday diet can prevent diseases and infections. This is a particularly effective remedy to fight hazardous environmental toxins and harmful microorganisms.

Turmeric Chai: 

For tea lovers, turmeric tea is another great way of including turmeric in daily life. Add a pinch in your morning, afternoon and evening chai (tea).

Turmeric Curry:

Most Indian curries have a healthy dose of turmeric. Aside from its natural healing properties, turmeric also gives flavor and color to the curry.

If you have not been adding turmeric to your curries yet, try experimenting with some and see the difference.

For those people who don’t eat curries regularly, turmeric can also be easily incorporated into a salad dressing.

Turmeric Chawal:

 If you love rice, add turmeric to it, and enjoy the amazing flavor and color.

Turmeric Soup: 

Turmeric can also easily be added to a soup; its especially tasty in a lentil soup


Here are some quick and easy DIY turmeric based recipes that treat a number of beauty and health issues.

Things You'll Need

  • Turmeric powder
  • Water
  • Cotton strips


Make a turmeric paste to heal mild skin inflammation, scrapes and lesions. Add ground turmeric powder to water and mix to form a uniform paste. Apply the paste onto the skin with a clean cotton swab or tongue depressor to cover the affected area. Cover the paste with a cotton bandage or strips to protect the area and prevent the turmeric paste from being removed. Leave on and repeat as necessary.


Treat fungal infections on the skin or toenails with an anti-fungal turmeric poultice. Soak strips of cotton with a paste made with turmeric and water and apply to the infected area. Leave on and cover with clean cotton to help the poultice remain in place. Also add turmeric powder to a warm foot bath and soak feet to cleanse and treat fungus growth.


Soak strips of cotton with a paste made with turmeric and water and apply to the area. Leave on and cover with clean cotton to help the poultice remain in place.


Dissolve turmeric powder in a glass of water or milk to make a herbal remedy drink to soothe stomach inflammation and strengthen the immune system. Use warm water or milk for a more even texture of the turmeric tonic. Drink as needed for internal treatment.


Make a cleansing facial scrub for acne, blocked pores and other minor skin ailments by mixing a small amount of turmeric powder with your daily skin cleanser. Apply to the face with gentle, circular scrubbing motions to exfoliate and deep cleanse. Rinse immediately with warm water to avoid staining the skin yellow.

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