Body Areas You Need To Stop Neglecting This Winter

Body Areas You Need To Stop Neglecting This Winter

Authored by : Team Kamaayurveda
  • 1 December 2017
  • 3 mins read

Neglect of certain body parts just because they’re not usually visible, or are insignificant according to you, is a tell-tale sign of lackadaisical personal grooming. And laziness in this department tends to be rather predominant during the winters because a lot gets hidden under oversized sweaters, 100 denier stockings; scarves, gloves, and caps. As the saying goes, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. Sometimes, a glance at the dreary condition of some parts of your body can instantly turn that accidental glance into a very judgemental one. Here’s a reminder-list of the forgotten body parts, and what you can, and should do, to take care of them in the winters. Some of these, are actually right under your nose.


Many people suffer from pigmentation and flaky skin in this area, which extends up to the ear-lobes. Pigmentation and chronic dryness, isn’t something you can fix overnight. However, you can do a little every day, and every week, to soften the impact of these issues. When applying a toner on your face, make sure you extend the sweeping motions to your entire neck. A body butter or lotion with deep-tissue hydrating ingredients should be used everyday. Gentle exfoliation twice or thrice a week, and a weekly, or bi-weekly massage with sweet almond oil will result in progressive, but significant improvement. Having said this, there’s no harm in a daily body massage either, if your daily schedule permits one.


It’s awfully embarrassing when someone’s gaze settles for a second too long on the white patches between your fingers instead of your perfect manicure. Keep a nourishing and restorative hand lotion or cream handy, especially if your lifestyle involves being on your toes all the time. Speaking of toes, this applies to the webs between them too and a deep nourishing foot cream can be your saviour here. It’s surprising how people tend to forget the toe-webs, when they pay such precise attention to their soles during winter.


Though it may not be evident immediately, it pays to scrub these areas with a pumice stone, or a natural-fibre loofah whilst bathing. Body creams with richly lubricating butters, like Cocoa, Chea, Kokum, Mango or nourishing oils like Coconut, Sesame and Olive are perfect to keep unsightly dark patches at bay.


Out of sight, out of mind’ really holds true for these parts of the body. Besides temperature-induced dryness, wearing clothes and undergarments made in fabrics or fits that are unsuitable for your skin type can result in rashes and body acne breakouts. Soaps or body washes with potent anti-bacterial action combined with hydrating ingredients ensure that excessive dryness doesn’t intensify the issue further thus avoiding vicious circle. An exfoliating body cleanser should be used together to banish acne, as should a body oil specifically targeting breakouts and inflammation.

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