Clean Beauty Essentials For That Upcoming Holiday

Clean Beauty Essentials For That Upcoming Holiday

Authored by : Vipin Yadav
  • 1 June 2018
  • 4 mins read

It is now time to stop daydreaming about your long-awaited Summer travels. You have planned everything down to a T, so why throw a spanner in the works by being nonchalant about your beauty arsenal? There will be no need to experiment with Instagram filters for your holiday photos, not when pure, reliable holiday beauty solutions are at hand!


The Signature Cleansers celebrate the time-honoured charm, intrigue, and efficacy of Rose and Jasmine (for women). For men, there is the revered Ayurvedic Rasayana (‘Fountain of Youth’), Himalayan Deodar, or Cedar. Rose and Jasmine tone, hydrate and tighten skin, while Himalayan Deodar is invigorating, purifying, and strengthening.

Kama Ayurveda’s newest, foam-based Face Cleansers are specifically customised for acne-prone, and sensitive, or inflammation and allergy-prone skin types. Purifying Neem and Tulsi, and soothing, healing Calendula and Sandalwood will ensure that your skin does not suffer any nasty surprises during your holiday.

All the Cleansers come in travel-friendly 50 ml packs, so you can use them to freshen up while on your way to your destination.


Kama’s curation of gentle, practical Pure Face and Body Mists occupy a place of pride amongst the natural, organic offerings. Our Roses comes from the famed ancient Itr ki Nagri (Perfume City) in North India, Kannauj; while Jasminum Sambac (Mogra) comes from the sacred Perfume Haven of the South, Madurai. Our Lavender reflects the untarnished, unbridled beauty of the Himalayan wilderness, while cooling, grounding Vetiver (Khus) comes from Aligarh. The Pure Rose Water (an indisputable favourite!) and Pure Mogra Water suit dry, distressed skin, while the Pure Lavender and Vetiver Waters work well with oily, acne-prone skin types, and even those with Rosacea.

Your skin will thank you for every spritz while on the move. If you are visiting a hotter, tropical destination, you can keep your Mist of choice refrigerated for an enhanced, ‘daily-luxe’ experience.


You could be planning to spend your break curled up indoors, all day, every day; or you might be chalking out trekking routes that may seem like cakewalk to you but intimidating to the uninitiated. Regardless of geography or daily scenario, the application of Sunscreen is an absolute must, to buffer yourself against harmful UV radiation, dehydration and pigmentation from photo damage, and clogged skin pores due to environmental pollutants. Kama’s All Natural Sun Protection has natural-origin minerals, that protect hypersensitive skin from allergy-induced rashes, burning, and stinging. Glycerine, Olive Oil, and Shea Butter replenish existing moisture levels, retexturising and strengthening damaged, extremely dehydrated skin tissue. Pure Essential Oil Extracts of Nutmeg, Ginger, and Lime lend this softly decadent Sunscreen an exciting fragrance, stimulating healthy blood circulation in the process, and tightening enlarged pores for a supple, smooth complexion.


Nothing beats a long, languid body massage on a holiday, to melt away the stubborn knots of stress and tension in your muscles. Just what you need to recharge your batteries after an energetic day on the beach, in time for a relaxing, luxuriant evening ahead. Jwalini is one of Kama’s award-winning and widely popular, 100% Ayurvedic Oil Blends, following Ashtanga Hrdaya prescriptions for enhanced radiance. It is recommended as a deep-tissue de-tanning treatment, ideal for smoothening out scars, or as a remedy for dryness, eczema, and skin irritations.

With moisturising and calming Sesame Oil and Coconut Milk, and texture-enhancing Cardamom and Costus, Jwalini is a lightweight, easy-to-use Oil. Take a 30-minute power nap with Jwalini on your face and body and wash off with a mild cleanser after. Jwalini is known to become a regular fixture of daily beauty regimes amongst consumers. In Jwalini, you might just meet your new, eternal favourite of a Skin Elixir.

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