Gifting The Freedom Of Choice With Kama Ayurvedas Gift Cards

Gifting The Freedom Of Choice With Kama Ayurvedas Gift Cards

Authored by : Vipin Yadav
  • 11 July 2018
  • 2 mins read

Just thinking about the auspicious day of Diwali stirs up a hundred special memories in our heart and we are left with a feeling of nostalgia. Year after year, we have been so lucky to celebrate this day with our loved one who make us brim with joy.

In all these memories of celebrating Diwali, there are some that truly stand out. Decorating and lighting up our homes, praying to Goddess Lakshmi together with our family, rushing towards the elderly to get their blessings and secretly hoping for more money as gift from them this year...these are some of the most treasured memories of Diwali that everyone can relate to.

Isn’t it wonderful how even the simple acts of getting lucky money from our elderly holds so much significance to us? We remember treasuring money since the time we understood that it could be used to get anything we wanted, be it our favourite treats or the toys we had always wanted. Sometimes, we were smart and we stored it in our cute piggy banks as deposits for buying something big in future that was worth saving for.

You probably won’t remember a hundred other gifts you received throughout these years but you’ll always remember receiving money because it was special. It meant the freedom of choice. It was the time we started making our first few decisions about money and that made us feel all grown up.

We at Kama Ayurveda, understand how beautiful it is to gift the freedom to choice. Drawing inspiration from the Indian traditions of gifting money, we have come up with beautifully designed gift cards ranging from 1000 INR to 25000 INR. Gift pure, timeless beauty to your loved ones this Diwali and say how much you care through this thoughtful gesture. Let them choose what they love and they are sure to remember you everytime they use the special gift of their choice.

Kama Gift cards are also a wonderful way to express your love even if you are miles apart. They can be redeemed from anywhere - online as well as across our stores. And you need not worry about spending it all at once, as it lets you do multiple transactions to reap the complete value of the card. Feeling excited to gift Kama’s Gift cards? Purchase now.

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