Myth Busting: Are Packs And Masks The Same?

Myth Busting: Are Packs And Masks The Same?

Authored by : Vipin Yadav
  • 7 September 2018
  • 4 mins read

Face packs, face masks…. same thing, correct? Well, not really! It is a commonly held notion that the term ‘face pack’ and ‘face mask’ can be used interchangeably. After all, they are both applied the same way and seemingly give the same benefits.

Indeed, face masks and face packs may give similar outcomes if their ingredients and composition (and therefore, benefits) are similar. However, they differ in the manner of delivering these benefits. It is not as subtle as it seems, because this difference does reflect in the texture of the packs and masks and the way in which they settle on the skin.


In terms of texture and consistency, a face pack usually tends to be thicker and denser than a mask. It does not just ‘sit’ on your skin, it tends to ‘set’ – which is why it is usually advised to not talk or move your facial muscles too much when you have a pack on. Removing a pack takes just a little bit more time and effort in comparison to a mask, for this very reason.

If both, a pack and a mask require some DIY blending into a paste before usage, you might find that there is no difference at all during the preparation stage. When you cannot see the difference, you will be able to feel it. A pack tends to ‘cling’ to your skin, whereas a mask, though it may sit as evenly and firmly, may feel like a ‘spread’ or ‘covering’ rather than as a ‘cast’ or ‘mould.’


The hard and fast differentiation is neither necessary, nor is it meant to be misleading. But, a good way to understand the unique functionality and benefits of packs and masks, is to view packs as ‘healing’ and masks as ‘rejuvenating.’

Technically, if your skin is healing, it is on the road to rejuvenation. If it is rejuvenating, this is only possible in a long-lasting sense, if there is a strong foundation of restoration and revival

But, if, for example, you are looking to reduce the intensity of a long-standing acne problem, you might use a pack, as a remedy.

If you are looking to reduce the frequency of this problem, you might use a mask, as a preventive and maintenance measure.

A pack might be something to opt for, when you have more time on your hands, say, on a free weekend, when you can give it some time to set on your skin and draw out the impurities. A mask might be the preferred option, when you need something more time-efficient, but equally effective, something that encourages a reflection of the benefits in the appearance of your skin (complexion) as well.

In a very traditional sense, while facial packs are stars of slow beauty rituals, masks are the saviours of contemporary lifestyles, where the pervasive effects of stress on skin make it dull, lacklustre and tired.


The Suvarna Haldi Chandan Brightening Face Pack is our latest launch for clear, even-toned, luminous skin. It joins the therapeutic Nimrah Anti Acne Face Pack, ideal for mild to severe cases of acne and textural irregularities because of acne scars, pits and blemishes. We also have the Lavanya Natural Plant Mask, for visibly improved and evident freshness and brightness.

Please remember, the brightness and newness you feel or see after the application of a pack or mask has nothing to do with ‘fairness’ or ‘lightness’ of skin tone. Luminous skin does not mean light skin, it means clean, even and clear skin. The journey towards achieving such internal health and outward flawlessness has to do with reacquainting yourself with the uniqueness of your natural beauty and doing what it takes to help it emerge!

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