The Original No-Poo: Kesini, an Ayurvedic Solution

The Original No-Poo: Kesini, an Ayurvedic Solution

Authored by : Vipin Yadav
  • 28 February 2017
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“No Poo” which refers to a practice whereby commercial shampoos are discarded in favor of natural cleansing methods is fast gaining popularity. Advocates of the movement argue that once shampoo was mass industrialized in the 1970s, hair and hair care was never the same again: women in particular, went from washing their hair from once a month to several times in a week, and as a result suffered a variety of hair and scalp issues more than ever before.

The contemporary “no poo” movement is a reaction to the mass industrialization of commercial shampoo and raises a red flag against many of the chemicals that are added to these formulas, and cause long-term damage. The movement rests on using natural and organic substances to wash hair including baking soda, apple cider vinegar, or only water. Over time, its proponents suggest, hair becomes healthier, stronger and shinier – much like it was pre 70s, before glitzy commercials made us believe that packet shampoo could bring us wavy, enviable locks.

While no poo has already been deemed successful, it is less widely known that Ayurveda has had its own very successful answer to the shampoo problem for several decades.

Kesini is the original “no poo” formula, and one that we have been making at the AVP ayurvedic hospital since 1998. Here we address some of the most common questions about this star product:

Q1. How is Kesini Made?
Kesini is a completely natural product that is prepared by combining the purest raw materials. All the ingredients are taken according to the proportions mentioned in ancient, ayurvedic reference texts and powdered according to their instructions.

Q2. How frequently is it to be used, and how?
Kesini is perfectly safe to be used daily. This is how to use it: Mix 2 to 3 teaspoons of the powder in a bowl. Add approx. 30ml warm water to form a paste. Apply evenly on wet scalp, massage in circular movements and wash thoroughly. Kesini works superbly when the hair is already preconditioned with oils. Any oil could be applied on the scalp and left for 10 – 15 minutes before cleansing it with Kesini.

Q3. Is Kesini a replacement for shampoo, like apple cider vinegar/baking soda combo in the “no poo” method?
Yes, Kesini herbal hair wash powder allows you to cleanse your hair without drying it, effectively the same goal as the natural solutions employed in the “no poo movement.” We believe that people destroy the ecosystem of their scalp by applying various chemicals to tame it. Naturally it takes months to get over the side effects of these harsh products. So we always recommend shifting to the natural way of cleansing the hair and protecting the scalp from harsh chemicals.

Q4. What are the long term benefits of using kesini?
Kesini is a 100% natural, herbal formula that cleanse and conditions the scalp. It gives a cooling effect to the scalp when used. It also cleanses the hair completely removing dirt, dust and excess oil and makes the hair soft and silky. Using kesini regularly would not only nourish the hair but also makes the hair healthy and shiny. The herbs used in this pack will prevent hair breakage. It gives hair natural floss and bounce.

Q5. What are some of the ingredients used in Kesini, and what are their benefits?
Rose Petals - Rose petals are great for soothing, nourishing, and removing flaky skin from the scalp. They increase blood flow, reduces hair fall and add volume to the hair.
Tulsi - Tulsi helps to remove dirt flakes and dandruff. It hydrates the scalp, preventing the hair from becoming dry. It will reduce body heat and prevent hair fall, kill lice and thicken hair.
Shikkakai – Shikkakai is abundant in Vitamin C and Vitamin D and it nourishes hair follicles using micro nutrients. Shikkakai also helps to maintain the natural oil of the hair.
Green Gram - Our Hair needs proteins and vitamin B and Green Gram is rich in these constituents. Green gram also cleanses your scalp and maintains the right moisture content.
Chickpeas (Cicier Arietinum) – contains proteins and manganese which helps prevent hair greying.
Lantana Camara –helps to lower body temperature.
Vetiver –prevents hair loss and helps in the regeneration of hair.

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