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  • 23 December 2016
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As the festive season kicks in, choosing special gifts for all the important people in our lives can be very time consuming. This guide attempts to make this process more efficient and bring the joy back in to gift giving! Check out, some of our suggestions specially customized for the different people in your lives:

#mom: for the lady who knows best, we recommend:

- the rose and jasmine face cleanser

- our pure rosewater

- the Eladi day cream or enriching Rejuvenating and Brightening Night cream

#sister: to thank her for all the squabbles that make you stronger, we recommend:

- our hand cream

- coconut virgin oil (for hair and body)

- The Lavanya face mask

For the low maintenance #brother, we recommend:

- our facial toner

Signature Essentials Mens face box

Give your #partner one of our more luxurious gifts. We recommend:

Our signature boxes for him or her

For the #boss I recommend :

-incense sticks

-The Paradiso candle, jasmine candle, the Madurai candle or the Madurai candle with a brass holder

Making choices for #relatives can be tricky. We recommend our

hand soaps; particularly NavaNimba and Heal; that benefit most people.

Thank #grandmother for always having your back: For her, we recommend our signature product,

The Kumkumadi Miraculous Beauty Fluid and

the turmeric and myrrh skin brightening soap.

#Grandpa will probably enjoy:

foot cream or the sugar and Tamarind soap, to add a dash of freshness to his routine.

Now, for the #boss for being our support system at workplace:

Our lovely Kama incense sticks can bring immense peace and joy to them. We recommend supplementing this with some of our most soothing essential oils (basil, French Cypress, Lavender Oil and Cintronella) and our candles -Paradiso, Jasmine and Madurai candle.

And last, but not least, reward your #pet for all the unconditional love.We recommend our neem oil to keep their skin in optimal health.

Happy shopping, and happy happy holidays!

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