Rakhi Special – For The Beautiful Side Of The Sibling, That Only You Know

Rakhi Special – For The Beautiful Side Of The Sibling, That Only You Know

Authored by : Vipin Yadav
  • 1 August 2017
  • 3 mins read

Only you saw. His dream to scale the cradle walls before eyeing the corner office. Her will to take the first baby step before standing up for her ambitions. His first argument for an extra piece of chocolate. Her fighting spirit that earned her captaincy of the boy’s cricket team. His fear of the darkness before he stepped into limelight. Her fight with the demons before she became the goddess of her own destiny. You know the beautiful side of your sibling like no one else. And at Kama Ayurveda, we are celebrating this Raksha Bandhan, with beauty essentials like no other.

RAKHI GIFT BOX FOR YOUR PRECIOUS SISTER: Only you know that the girl with the little ribbons has turned into the quintessential diva. She let’s her hair wild but talks sharp. She dresses up her eyes but never looses focus. She faces the sun but it never eclipses her shine. Match her panache with our limited-edition, handmade gift-box with our flagship hair & body range.

A melange of pure Ayurvedic ingredients, this collection contains :

Rose Jasmine Body Cleanser : A mild cleanser with a medley of sweet Jasmine and exquisite Rose for dew-fresh skin.

Rose Jasmine Body Moisturiser : A moisturiser withessential oils of Rose and Jasmine essence that rehydrates & restores the skin.

Rose Jasmine Hair Cleanser : A restoring and balancing cleanser that improves hair strength & reverses damage especially caused by colouring, heat styling and chemical treatments.
Rose Jasmine Hair Conditioner : A soft hair conditioner that protects and fights hair damage caused by coloring, heat styling and chemical treatments.

Bringadi Intensive Hair Treatment : A miraculous hair strengthening treatment that nurtures, protects and delays premature greying of the tresses.

RAKHI GIFT BOX FOR YOUR TREASURED BROTHER :Only you know that the little boy who climbed trees, now knows when to dress down for an occasion. He experiments with his hairstyles but stays rooted in traditions. He grooms himself impeccably but loves the thrill of raw adventure. Add to his confidence with our limited-edition, handmade gift box with our iconic hair & body range.

A medley of pure Ayurvedic ingredients, this collection contains :

Himalayan Deodar Body Cleanser : Infused with the healing properties of Himalayan Deodar it leaves the skin happy and refreshed.

Himalayan Deodar Body Moisturiser   : An intense moisturiser that leaves the skin supple and baby-soft.

Himalayan Deodar Hair Cleanser   : A purifying and scalp toning cleanser that keeps the mane strong. It fights any signs of hair-damage and promotes hair growth.

Himalayan Deodar Hair Conditioner   : A purifying and softening hair conditioner that promotes healthy hair growth and adds lustre to it.

Bringadi Intensive Hair Treatment   : This is the most desirable and effective hair treatment to regain healthy hair. It fights signs of premature greying and other visible hair-damage & restores its glory.

In the past, she might have missed your birthday sometimes, and then made up with a movie treat. He might have messed up your dream-date & then helped you with your deadlines. Those precious moments make your Rakhi special today. The giggles you shared lend colour to it and the secrets you still hold, adorn it as gems. And at Kama Ayurveda, we wish that your bond of pure love remains forever strong. Happy Rakshabandhan!

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