Royal Beauty Secrets For The Queen In You

Royal Beauty Secrets For The Queen In You

Authored by : Vipin Yadav
  • 31 May 2017
  • 4 mins read

Legend goes that The Queen of Kings as Cleopatra was famously called, enchanted the denizens of city of Tarsus, much before they actually laid their eyes on her. Her ardour for all things beautiful resulted in her travelling up the river Cydnus in a barge, decorated and scented with perfumes and essential oils like Patchouli and Jasmine. The beauty who introduced the world to its first Spa or Officina Aromatoria - she built the first spa off the shores of Dead sea in Egypt - filled the air with the feeling of love & beauty and made every one surrender to her charms. From the treasures of such beautiful Queens we bring you timeless Royal Beauty Secrets.


Princess of Travancore indulged in a secretive hair bathing ritual with herbal waters and paste made of exotic leaf extracts. In a ritual befitting women of grandeur, a deep red concoction was made by brewing Henna with 40 other kinds of tree barks and applied on the hair strand to add lustre and body. They then spread their tresses over a ‘Karmandi’, an iron pot filled with burning coal. Camphor or other fragrant herbs and spices were burnt in the coal to lock in the moisture at the hair-ends. It also left a lingering fragrance in the tresses.

How to use Henna like a Queen: Pure Henna imparts rich color and shine apart from having antioxidant and antibacterial properties. Using a Henna hair pack regularly boosts hair growth, increases volume and even fights hair loss. Its meditative, earthy fragrance is also said to ward off negative energies and stress. Use this timeless beauty ingredient in your hair regime –


Mughal empress Noorjahan, an exquisite beauty was enthralled by all that nature had to offer. She was famous for her luxurious baths with rose petals, that were added to her bath tub hours in advance. And during one of these skin-pampering rituals she discovered rose oil, as the fragrant oily layer on the surface of the water. Gulab itar, perfume or essential oils were then curated and were used as spray for cooling and refreshing the queen’s skin throughout the day. Rooh gulab thus became synonymous with the Noorjahan.

How to use Rose like a Queen:Rose water is a natural coolant that rehydrates and restores the PH Balance of skin. Using rose extract regularly will naturally moisturise your lips and heal dry and chapped skin too. During summers, washing you face with Rose water before bedtime is an excellent cleansing and toning ritual. Incorporate this exquisite beauty secret into your daily regime .


Queen Nefertiti is considered as the epitome of grace and splendour. The mystery of whether she was an Egyptian or came from Asia is still unsolved. But many credit The Black Cumin Oil for her jewel-like aura and shine. Black Cumin is considered a rich source of anti-ageing properties and was favoured by the Queen as a mask to boost supple skin, lustrous hair and enviable nails.

How to use Black Cumin like a Queen: Black Cumin seeds are a rich source of essential fatty acids and hence they rehydrate your skin and keep wrinkles away. For a beautiful glowing skin, use this with honey or curd.


Helen of Troy was a rare beauty over whom the war of Trojan was fought. So what was her beauty secret? Pearls, diamonds, gold? Surprisingly it is the Apple Cider Vinegar that made her so illusive. It’s said as part of her beauty regimen, Helen washed her face with Apple vinegar that made her skin unbelievably supple, gleaming and left it well nourished.

How to use Apple Cider Vinegar like a Queen: Add vinegar to your bath tub for a relaxing bath and to restore your bod’s PH balance. A hair rinse with vinegar leaves your scalp clean and hair bouncy. And regular application on your skin soothes burns, heals sun tan and leaves it visibly younger.

Beauty has always empowered women to rewrite the story of their lives. Beauty is strength. Beauty is confidence. Beauty is powerful. Today, we might not have the luxury of an entourage and beauty ingredients more precious than rare pearls, but we have the knowledge. And these Royal Beauty Secrets are all yours, to pamper the Queen, in you.

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