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  • 11 October 2017
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Regardless of regional variations, Diwali is a time for exuberant excitement for some and contemplative resolve and prayerfulness for others. Either way, it’s an opportune time to plan new beginnings.

The very act of embellishing one’s personal or professional spaces with strings of lights, or by patiently lighting earthen ‘diya’ after ‘diya’ is so poignant and so significant! Do you think of the past or the future when you do so?


The wealth of self-perpetuating beauty and vitality is priceless and an indispensable requirement for a fresh start. On Diwali, you may yearn for sanctity and strength to do so. Kama Ayurveda helps you imbibe and share these feelings with its ‘Shubh’ Diwali Gifting Box, inspired by the purifying elements of the customary rituals of the festival.

‘Shubh’ has a brightening, invigorating Turmeric (Haldi) soap, and a calming, clarifying Sandalwood (Chandan) soap. Keep the recovery and rejuvenation going with a nourishing, moisturising soap of Coconut (Nariyal), the Fruit of the Gods; and one of Holy Basil (Tulsi), the Queen of Herbs; for strength, balance, and ‘earthing’.

The work of a human hand is sacred for it gives shape and form to an enterprising spirit. All these pure soaps are handcrafted, as is the accompanying soap holder. The hallmarked stone-carved holder has been moulded by artisans of the All India Artisans & Craftworkers Welfare Association of India.

If keeping it real describes your kind of Diwali, this Box is for you.

For some new beginnings come from deep reflection and finding strength within. Past experiences & memories often reignite the very soul; food & fragrance can often do the trick. Kama Ayurveda offers an exclusive Diwali gift box that is inspired by the fabled rose from the Kannauj region. This is Kama’s signature aroma – the deeply sensual and heady Kannauj Rose, a hypnotic port key for buried treasures in the subconscious!

Enchant your loved ones with the everyday yet profoundly luxurious Kannauj Box . It features a handmade candle, with freshly handpicked Kannauj rose petals at its heart; and soy-wax, which spreads the sweet tranquility with minimal smoke or soot.

This exclusive elixir from the famed ancient Indian Itr ki Nagri, or ‘Perfume City’, Kannauj, is complimented by a ceramic diffuser, an example of meticulous and refined artisanry from the ‘Ceramic City’ of Khurja. Both the diffuser, the Kannauj Rose diffuser oil and incense cones will begin as a Diwali accessory in your home, and end up as a regular lifestyle addition. The Kannauj Rose sachet with dried roses and rose essential oil will remind you of your resolutions every time you open your cupboards.

If resurrecting the fragrance of long-gone memories, this box is for you.


Like Kannauj in North India, Kama Ayurveda venerates another perfumery haven in the South –Madurai town in the Tamil Nadu region of India. Mystical Madurai and its legendary Jasmine have been mentioned in ancient Hindu texts like the Mahabharata and the Kamasutra.

If you see Diwali as a time to reignite self-assured magnetism, you may like to begin with Kama’s Madurai Diwali Box . Jasmine is a famed aroma to refresh confidence, aesthetic vision and has an aphrodisiac appeal! The box features a handmade, soy-wax Madurai Jasmine candle with handpicked florets at its heart. Serious jasmine lovers would delight in the intoxicating fragrance of the diffuser oil and appreciate the exclusive brass incense plate. The incense sticks in the ‘Sambrani’ variant are revered for its ability to unlock the Third Eye when the two physical ones we have need some help. The incense stick holder in beaten brass, the ancient ‘salt-of-the-earth’ metal is a reminder that without surefooted grounding in Mother Earth any attempts at metaphysical a flight are perhaps futile.

If the need for discipline humility or meditation - all-pervasive self-assured aura describes your Kind of Diwali, this box is for you.

Kama Ayurveda wishes you perpetual purity of intent and inspiration, so you may celebrate your own very special Diwali this year and every year… #MyKindOfDiwali

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